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Lubuntu auf Lenovo R51



* pin the Kernel version before updates (newer version seems to be incompatible with nonpae flag)

  • sound: create /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.cfg with content: options snd-hda-intel id=Generic1 index=1

Making Upgrades possible

Add the PAE flag to processor information
To add the PAE flag to the processor information stored in /proc/cpuinfo, run the following:
      cat /proc/cpuinfo | sed 's/flags\t*:/& pae/' > /tmp/cpuinfo_pae
      sudo mount -o bind /tmp/cpuinfo_pae /proc/cpuinfo
      sudo mount -o remount,ro,bind /proc/cpuinfo 
After you have ran those commands, run
 grep flags /proc/cpuinfo 
If the flag was correctly added, the command returns a line that starts with “flags :” and contains the flag “pae”.
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